Summer Easy Sight Digital Color Video Monitor Review


Having a Summer baby monitor around is an efficient way of watching over your baby anytime of the day. New parents are not the only ones who would love to keep an eye on their little bundle of joy. Some parents who already have kids cannot stop assuring themselves that their baby is all right. This is why Summer baby monitor has been developed. They provide you with the option of watching over your little angel without having to go in his or her room every few minutes just to check. Some babies have a tendency to wake up when they know someone is within the room and with this type of Summer baby monitor available, your babies can have an uninterrupted sleep.

Summer Baby Monitor Features

For parents who are looking for the best Summer baby monitor product out there should check out Summer Infant video monitor. This handy gadget comes with a video camera that you can install easily within the range of the crib and a handheld monitor for portability.

Other accessories that come along with it are rechargeable batteries, a belt clip, as well as a kickstand. Among the features that you will be enjoying when you buy this type of baby monitor is its 900 MHz power that can provide you with the best image of your baby within 350 feet. It can also pick up all kinds of sounds that your baby will be making. With its two way channel, you can minimize any kind of interference for clear and crisp sounds all the time.

Summer Easy Sight Digital Color Video Monitor

Colored images will appear when using this Summer baby monitor in the morning and when night settles in, the black and white image will kick in. You can turn off your monitor without worrying about not being able to hear or see your child, thanks to the LED sound lights attached to Summer baby monitor. This handy feature will alert you when there are any changes to your baby’s activity so you can still monitor him or her.

The best thing about this product is that it is far more efficient than other types of summer baby monitor out there. Since your monitor can be held easily or clipped on your belt, you can do your chores whether indoors or outdoors without having to stick to the monitor all the time.

Customer Reviews on Summer Baby Monitor

Customers who have bought this type of Summer Baby Monitor for their use are clearly pleased with the results. They now have less things to think about especially when they can easily view their baby anytime they want to. Sounds and even slight movements can be detected in an instant so you will know whether your little one is waking up or getting hungry. And with Summer baby monitor’s video monitor automatically shutting down when not in use, you get to save energy as well. You wouldn’t have any problems placing the camera around the nursery since it is small and compact and can be placed on a counter or clipped on the crib if you prefer.

On the other hand, you may want to read up on some critical reviews on Summer Baby Monitor that other customers have been writing about. Some parents find that this Summer baby monitor can actually pick up other baby feeds instead of their own and the price of the product can be quite expensive as well.


All in all, the Summer baby monitor is worth considering especially if you are looking for a portable Summer baby monitor today. And with its multiple features, you are guaranteed to get the best tool out there to watch over your baby regardless of your distance to the nursery or the time of day as well. Get a Summer Baby Monitor Now.


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