Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor Review


Parents have a tendency to be overprotective, which is completely acceptable, as they only want the best for their children that is when those parents think about Summer baby monitor. If you have an infant or a toddler around the house, then you must have your hands full all the time. If this is the case and you want to be able to do some chores while your baby sleeps soundly in his nursery or play in his playpen, then using a Summer baby monitor may be a good option. A Summer baby monitor with built in video is even a better option if you want to keep track of what your baby is doing at all times. The Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 3.5″ Screen is a good option if you are looking for something reliable Summer baby monitor and comes equipped with full-video feature. This particular type of monitor is perfect for both infants and toddlers, as parents can go about their day-to-day activities around the house while making sure that their child is safe and secure.

Summer Baby Monitor Product Features

  • This Summer baby monitor can accommodate a connection of up to 400 feet/121.92-meter range. It employs digital technology to give parents a clear view of their children even when they are not in the same room.
  • The Summer baby monitor also comes equipped with a 3.5″ LCD screen in color. It is also very useful at night, as it has a black and white night vision sensor. It is small and relatively light so you can carry it with you around your house. You can easily turn off the device with just one touch of a finger, as it comes with LED lights for easier access even at night.
  • Its batteries can last for 10 hours and is rechargeable for convenience.
  • Summer Baby Monitor comes with a stand that can be clipped easily on your baby’s crib or in other parts of the room for convenience.

Customer Reviews on Summer Baby Monitor

A lot of consumers appreciate the usefulness of this device, as it uses current technology to provide better safety for babies. Most parents these days prefer to use Summer baby monitors as opposed to the traditional type, as it provides better security and peace of mind for both baby and parent. You can find a lot of Summer Baby Monitor reviews that highly recommend Summer Infant’s baby monitors. Consumers especially like the fact that both audio and video works perfectly fine, providing parents with better access to their children’s activities.

They also appreciate the fact that Summer Infant did not add a lot of useless features to this particular Summer baby monitor but instead they focused on features that matter. The night vision feature also adds to the efficiency of this Summer baby monitor, as you can watch over your baby even at night when he is safely tucked in his crib. It also comes with a pan and zoom feature, which a lot of parents appreciate as they can easily check if there is anything wrong in their baby’s room and they can adjust the camera to focus on the baby.

Final Verdict on Summer Baby Monitor

Anyone who is looking for a reliable Summer baby monitor to ensure their children’s safety would find Summer Infant’s baby video monitor very useful. Its 3.5″ LCD screen provides a sufficient view of your baby and it also accommodates a decent range so you won’t be limited when it comes to movement. You will also be glad to know that there is no static when it comes to audio and video. The Summer baby monitor comes equipped with three double A rechargeable battery so it is very inexpensive to replace should something go wrong with the batteries. Aside from a few flashing red lights that can be rather annoying, this Summer baby monitor is very reliable and can give you peace of mind even as you work on your daily chores.


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